Cinematalk Podcast #22: IDENTIFYING FEATURES, with Fernanda Valadez & Astrid Rondero

November 5, 2020 - 2:26pm
Posted by Jim Healy

Identifying Features (Sin Señas Particulares)

An informative supplement to the Cinematheque's on-line screening of Identifying Features, this episode features that film's director Fernanda Valadez and her co-screenwriter, co-producer, and co-editor Astrid Rondero. The two filmmakers have been collaborators on a number of short and feature film projects, including The Darkest Days of Us (2017), a movie that marked Rondero’s feature directorial debut. Together, they are the founders of the production companies Enaguas Cine and Corpulenta. During the filmmakers' discussion with the Cinematheque's Director of Programming, Jim Healy, they talk about the real life inspirations for Identifying Features and its complicated production history, as well as their cinematic influences and their hopes for the future. 

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