In collaboration with the student-run WUD Film Committee, the Cinematheque brings back our Monday evening series of fun screenings that travel down the less-visited, sometimes more grungy avenues of contemporary pop cinema. The screenings take place at the Marquee Theater in Union South. This season’s offerings include new digital restorations of the “Canucksploitation” gem The Pit, filmed in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; plus new Director’s Cut DCPs of Philip Kaufman’s New York gangland cult favorite, The Wanderers and Neil Young’s ultra weird apocalyptic rock musical Human Highway.

  • Mon., Feb. 6 | 7:00 PM

A Canadian production filmed in and around Beaver Dam, WI, The Pit is one of the most fascinating artifacts from the golden age of Canucksploitation. Director Lehman’s tale of horror and pre-adolescent revenge revolves around 12-year old outcast Jamie (the unforgettable Snyders), who discovers a practical use for the forest pit near his home that is occupied by flesh eating “trogs”. Following orders from his demonic teddy bear, Jamie lures his tormentors to the title location one by one…

  • Mon., Mar. 6 | 7:00 PM

Kaufman adapted Richard Price’s impressionistic and episodic novel about Bronx gang life in the early 1960s into a funny, nostalgic, and occasionally brutal cult favorite. The various stories deal with gang rivalries, macho fathers, copping feels and Italian brotherhood. New 2K restoration!

  • Mon., Apr. 17 | 7:00 PM

In 1979, following a decade of tremendous artistic success in the music industry, Neil Young commenced production on this offbeat musical comedy. Released three years later, Human Highway takes place in the fictional small town of Linear Valley soon before the apocalypse. The film boasts a cast of counterculture superstars including Russ Tamblyn, co-director Stockwell, Hopper, Devo and Young himself as a mechanic named Lionel. The scriptless, improv heavy, comedy was made partially as an attempt for Young to show off his fun side. After decades of retooling, Young’s experiment in narrative film has finally been made widely available via this new DCP restoration. (VM)