2017 Favorites: Mike King

January 2, 2018 - 1:05pm
Posted by Jim Healy


Mike King is a Programmer for the Cinematheque and Senior Programmer for the Wisconsin Film Festival

Top ten new films to play Madison in 2017:

DINA (2016, Dan Sickles & Antonio Santini)

ELLE (2016, Paul Verhoeven)

FRAUD (2016, Dean Fleischer-Camp)

A GHOST STORY (2017, David Lowery)

GOOD TIME (2017, Josh & Benny Safdie)

NOCTURAMA (2016, Bertrand Bonello)

THE ORNITHOLOGIST (2016, João Pedro Rodrigues)

PATERSON (2016, Jim Jarmusch)

PERSON TO PERSON (2017, Dustin Guy Defa)

PERSONAL SHOPPER (2016, Olivier Assayas)

Plus three more, just as good:

AQUARIUS (2016, Kleber Mendonça Filho)

THE FLORIDA PROJECT (2017, Sean Baker)

NERUDA (2016, Pablo Larraín)