Special Presentations


Spring 2018 special presentations include a Madison Opera-sponsored screening of Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo; an in-person visit from veteran cinematographer and UW Madison alum Peter Deming; and a 35mm screening of Don Siegel’s brilliant 70s thriller Charley Varrick.

  • Sat., Apr. 14 | 7:00 PM
    4070 Vilas Hall

Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald (Herzog regular Kinski) is a music lover determined to bring opera to the jungles of Peru. His plan includes hauling a huge riverboat over a mountain with the help of the natives. Director Herzog, who actually did haul a boat over a mountain for this epic masterpiece, proves the perfect filmmaker to tell the story of Fitzgerald’s grand folly. The luminous Euro-cinema legend Cardinale co-stars as Fitzgerald’s girlfriend, Molly. Presented in collaboration with Madison Opera and their production of Florencia en el Amazonas, April 27 & 29.

  • Sat., Apr. 21 | 7:00 PM
    4070 Vilas Hall

In director Raimi’s return to horror, a young bank officer (Lohman) has a curse put upon her when she turns down a gypsy woman’s loan extension request. Brimming with fun and energy, Drag Me to Hell features a number of memorable sequences, including a spectacular set-piece in a parking garage, all beautifully lit by acclaimed veteran cinematographer Peter Deming. UW Madison alum Deming, whose collaboration with Raimi begin with Evil Dead 2 and has continued through Oz the Great and Powerful, will be on hand for a post-screening discussion.

  • Fri., May. 4 | 7:00 PM
    4070 Vilas Hall

In a sleepy southwestern town, a group of bandits led by the laconic Charley Varrick (Matthau, at his very best) rob a small bank. The unexpectedly large sum they steal actually belongs to the mob, who send out a vicious hit man (Baker) to take back the money and eliminate the thieves. It’s up to Charley, who’s more clever than he seems, to turn the tables on his pursuers. Director Siegel followed up a number of Clint Eastwood vehicles (Dirty Harry, The Beguiled) with what is perhaps his finest thriller-action movie.

  • Sat., May. 5 | 7:00 PM

Highlighting works produced in Communication Arts Media Production courses at UW Madison, this program is curated by the instructors of film, video and animation courses and gives new filmmakers the opportunity to present their films on screen for the first time.