Cinematalk Podcast #21: DEMONS & Heavy Metal Movies, with Mike McPadden

October 28, 2020 - 5:13pm
Posted by Jim Healy

A perfect companion to the Cinematheque's presentation of Demons, this episode of Cinematalk, features Jim Healy in conversation with writer and cinephile Mike McPadden. McPadden is author of two positively essential film guides, the recently published Teen Movie Hell and, now in its third printing, Heavy Metal Movies, a compendium that describes Demons as "Italy’s hallucinogenic meta-commentary on its own berserk splatter movies of the ‘80s." McPadden has provided commentary tracks for several home video releases on blu-ray, and he’s also the co-host of two other podcasts we highly recommend, Crackpot Cinema, co-presented with TV writer Aaron Lee, and 70 Movies We Saw in the 70s, co-hosted with the Cinematheque’s Ben Reiser.  

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